5 things you should know about grilling

Cooking over an open fire has become a trend now. People love grilling for the fun and healthy nature of food. You can grill anything from meat and seafood to fruits, vegetables, etc. These are five things you should know about grilling.

The grill

Purchasing a high-quality grill is the first thing you should do. The grill will help to find out how your food choices will come out. The kind of grill you will buy depends on what kind of food you are going to cook. You should also consider how frequently you should grill it. You should consider your budget when determining your choice. If you occasionally grill and eat smaller cuts of meat, then a portable grill will be perfect. If you want to grill larger cuts of meat and use the grill year rounds then, you need to buy a large covered grill. Covered grills let the heat reflect off the inside and cook the food evenly. So, the inside remains moist. Gas grills are convenient as they start fast and have accurate heat control.


Many tools are neede in the grilling process. You need long-handled utensils like spatulas, tongs, basting brushes, etc. These are used to lift foods on and off a grill rack. You will need a meat thermometer to determine the safe temperature for doneness of meats. You should safeguard your hands and forearms using heavy duty mitts. This will help to prevent burns. You need metal or disposable foil drip pans when grilling meats. Wire baskets can be bought to hold delicate foods like fishes and vegetables. Aluminium foils are used to wrap vegetables and meats.

Time and temperature

These two elements determine the quality of grilling. You should know the proper way of lighting the fill. A charcoal grill needs some coals to get good fire. You should consider the wind, humidity and cold temperatures as well. As a rule of thumb, you should use 30 coals to grill one pound of meat in good weather conditions. In the case of a gas grill, you should make sure that the lid is up so that no gas builds up. You should maintain suitable temperatures to achieve great grilling results.

Use direct or indirect heat

Grilling a steak is different from grilling a fish. The process of grilling depends on the food size and type. A steak needs direct heat, so it is placed directly over the heat source. You can have the burners on high to sear the steak and later turn to the mid range for the completing the cooking process. When you need indirect grilling to cook food, you will have to keep the grill cover closed and cook the food at low temperature for a longer period.

Marinades, rubs and sauces

You should be creative about the smokey taste. Using different sauces and rubs, you can make the food sweet, smokey, hot, etc. These enhance the flavours of the food.

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