Hi there!

I’m Steven! I started writing this blog all of a sudden. I had a passion for cooking since I was very young. But I loved fried foods most. It was not until my dad bought a BBQ machine for a party one day that my focus on food was changed. That day on the party I watched my dad’s friend prepare the chicken and fish. I started experimenting with different seasonings, ingredients and sauces and was amazed to see how tastes changed with little variations in these.

I graduated in Nutrition from college. After that, I opened up my BBQ shop. Within a short time, it became very well known. People loved the different flavour of my food. BBQ is a great outdoor entertainment. In 2012, I started writing this blog to help people have a great BBQ now and then in their backyard. I have many visitors every month, and I can see that the popularity of this food is growing. If you love having BBQ parties, just visit our blog. We have something new to share about BBQ every day.In this blog, you will find BBQ equipment buying tips, recipes, and more. So, join us today!