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Kyani : Your #1 Choice For Health And Wellness Supplements

In 2005 two families, the Hansen’s and the Taylors came together with a shared goal of introducing the health benefits of two super foods from Alaska after these foods impressed them. Wild Alaskan blueberry and the wild Alaskan salmon are these super foods and the main ingredients to Kayni products. In fact, the Alaskan blueberry is almost five times more potent than usual blueberries, has rich color pigments known as anthocyanins that help fight diseases and are rich in antioxidants.

Kyani products do not come under medicament category because they are made from natural ingredients; therefore, they are not regulated by the health authorities. The two families together with their advisory board educated their distributors on the products health benefits and made sure they would pass this education to the customers. Furthermore, they had the responsibility of perfecting the product even more. Under kyani there are four products on offer, these are the kyani Sunrise, kyani sunset and the kyani Nitro.

Kyani Products And Their Health Benefits

Kayni Sunrise

This product consists a blend of between seventeen and twenty-two super foods that are mostly vitamins and minerals. Some of these super foods include wild Alaskan blue berry, red raspberry, concord grapes, cranberry extract, pomegranate juice extract, wolfberry, amla berry extract and many others.

Kayni sunrise provides our body with the energy it needs to get started and keeps your body’s energy levels high the whole day. This feature and the fact that it is most effective when it takes advantage of bio-availability is why it is recommended to be taken in the morning before you take any meal. It has also been researched that consumption of sunrise increases the production of serum antioxidants that prevent the damage of cells in the body.

Other benefits of Kayni Sunrise are it improves your cognitive functions, keeps your heart healthy, improves your digestion and improves your mental health. The retail price and customer prices are $39.95 and $35.95 respectively.

Kayni Sunset

A bottle of Sunrise kyani comes with 90 soft gels that contain lipid soluble elements that absorb quickly. This supplement contains an equivalent combination of Omega 3, tocotrienols, Beta, vitamin D and carotene. These tablets provide the body with cell nourishment and nutritional support to important body system including the immune system, cardiovascular system and cell health. The supplement is used to protect the body from diseases and to remain energetic throughout the day. Evening use is the most recommended time for maximum benefit. $43.95 and $39.95 are the distributor and customer prices respectively.

Kyani Nitro FX

The Kyani Nitro FX guarantees optimal health thanks to the power of nitric oxide. The main ingredient in the Nitro FX is the nitrate that is used by the body to make nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps in blood circulation, oxygen release into the tissues from the red blood cells digestion and inflammation.It is a bit more expensive than the other options as the distribution price is about $59.95 and the customer price at $65.95 per 56m bottle.

Kyani Nitro Xtreme

It is used to increase a person’s energy levels, boost their stamina and enhance their brain capacity. Kyani Nitro Xtreme’s ingredients are nitrate, zinc, magnesium, chromium, niacin and CoQ10. Like the Kyani Nitro FX, this supplement can be taken up to 5 times a day to ensure sustenance of the high stamina.The price for one 56m bottle of Xtreme is $79.95, this is the customer price and the distribution price is $69.95.
Kyani as a Science.

People that need help with diabetes, High blood pressure, arthritis and low cholesterol level can benefit from the use of these supplements

Therefore this product can also be used as a science since as we can see it is not a product but a formula that can be used to repair and maintain every cell in a person’s body to promote good health, fitness and prosperity.


Because people have hectic lifestyles and have unhealthy eating habits ignoring physical activities and healthy diets these supplements can help them a great deal in getting the required nutrition and remaining fit. The products made by kyani 100% natural ingredients hence do not have any side effects.

It, therefore, comes highly recommended as a supplement for people of all ages.The company is one of a kind and it offers a product that is not available from any other company, because of that you can only order for this product from Kyani.

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