Top 3 BBQ recipes for this summer

BBQ is delicious if cooked properly. It takes the time to become an expert in BBQ. Here are three BBQ recipes you can try out this summer.

3-2-1 Ribs

This dish is best if you are new at BBQ. It can help you learn many things that you will help you to make other dishes. This recipe is very simple, and you can have tender and smoky ribs easily. It takes six hours to cook this dish. First, you need to smoke the ribs low for three hours. Apply a sticky substance to the meat and then add mustard as seasoning. It will flavour the meat perfectly. To tenderise the ribs, you should add slight acidic ingredients directly on the meat. Apple juice, mustard or vinegar works well. After a long smoke, you should put on BBQ sauce, wrap the ribs in foil and cook them for another two hours. You can apply more BBQ sauce and leave the ribs on the grill for one more hour so that the sauce clings to meat forming amazing flavour.

Whole Smoked Chicken

It takes 2 to 3 hours to cook chicken. Brining that gets into the kitchen and prevents it from drying out. It keeps the chicken juicy inside and crispy outside You can have your herbs and spice blend to brine the chicken. You should cook chicken to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Farenhite.


You should first season brisket with a wet or dry rub. Dry rub means just rubbing the spices directly on the meat, and wet rub means using a sticky substance to coat the meat and then rub spices on it. After seasoning, you should marinate the beef with wet or dry rub and then wrap the meat in plastic wrap. You should refrigerate it overnight. This will help the meat to tenderise and allow the flavours to get in. It needs 90 minutes to smoke brisket under low heat. The inside temperature of the beef can reach 180 degrees Farenhite. You should then wrap the meat in foil and cook until the temperature is 200 to 205 degrees Farenhite. You should then allow the brisket to rest for some time.

Mastering in the art of BBQ needs time. You should practice it often so that you know the right temperature, ingredients and sauces to cook.

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