Top 5 tips for the perfect BBQ party this summer

Summer is a great time to have a barbeque with family and friends. With some planning, you can have a great time in the backyard or garden. Here are some tips for a perfect BBQ party.

Have knowledge about grilling

You should clean and oil the grill to keep the food from sticking. You must first preheat the grill, scrub it with a brush and vegetable oil. You shouldn’t turn meats too frequently; just give one flip. After you finish grilling, let them rest for some time on a warm plate tented with foil. This gives the time for juices to give out the best flavour.

Make a guest list

You should design invitations for the BBQ party. You can use digital invitation cards. You must include the date, time and place of the party. You should mention whether kids are invited or not. You should mention if you want the guests to bring a beverage, dessert or a side dish. You can ask your guests about any food allergies and restrictions as well.

Complete the decoration of outdoors

You should choose colourful tablecloths that will brighten up the eating spaces. You can add rustic-looking serving ware for a shabby chic look. You can go for modern pieces as well. You should add lighting. Lighting Citronella candles will keep bugs away. You can put on Christmas lights or lanterns for a cosy atmosphere.

Plan your menu

You should consider how many guests are coming. If you have a small group, you can add elaborate menu. You can offer baguettes, cheeses, etc. If there are too many guests, then you can have simple extras like cucumber or lemon slices. When planning your menu, you should consider the non-meat eaters too. Along with the grilled meats, the side dishes are important as well. You can have summer vegetables or fruits in your menu like tomatoes, sweet corn, watermelon, etc.

Take preparation the night before

You should prepare most of the things the night before so that you don’t panic on the day of the party. You can chop up fruits and vegetable. You should marinate meats overnight. On the day of the BBQ party, you should only cook the meat on the grill.

Have options for entertainment

You can create a playlist the night before or listen to good music during the BBQ party. Backyard games like badminton can be fun.

Following these tips will help you to have a great BBQ party this summer. You must make sure that your BBQ equipment is in perfect condition before the party.

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